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Attention: Travellers to China from Vancouver


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All testing done in clinic.
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  • Testing done in clinic
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In order to improve the level of scientific and accurate prevention and control and ensure the health and safety of tourists to China, according to the relevant domestic regulations, the epidemic situation and virus variability in the domestic area, the relevant requirements for all passengers on flights from Canada to China from the date of this notice will be adjusted as follows. Relevant prevention and control policies and testing requirements will be dynamically adjusted according to the epidemic situation and overseas importation in the future.

I. Testing process

(I) Basic process. 1 nucleic acid test 2 days before boarding → 1 nucleic acid test 1 day before boarding → 3 Apply for a green health code → 4 Aviation department checks for green health code.

The interval between the two nucleic acid tests is not less than 24 hours. If you do not meet the requirements, you will not be able to board the plane.

(2) Those who have been diagnosed or have not been diagnosed but tested positive for nucleic acid must be tested twice (more than 24 hours apart) to confirm their recovery. It is confirmed that there are no abnormalities during the health monitoring 14 days after recovery, and the pre-boarding test requirements are consistent with that of ordinary personnel.

(3) Infants and children under the age of 3 and below on the scheduled departure date do not need to undergo nucleic acid testing and do not need to apply for a health code. The nucleic acid test requirements for children who have passed their 3rd birthday are the same as that of adults.

(4) Various test time requirements before boarding:

Flight number

Time of take-off

Nucleic acid within 2 days before boarding

Nucleic acid within 1 day before boarding


00:45 (Tuesday)

Last Saturday and later

Last Sunday and later


01:20 (Tuesday)

Last Saturday and later

Last Sunday and later


13:45 (Wed)

This Monday and later

This Tuesday and later


13:50 (Thursday)

This Tuesday and later

This Wednesday and later


00:45 (Friday)

After 12 noon this Tuesday

After 12 noon this Wednesday

II. Nucleic acid testing institutions

Test reports issued by nucleic acid testing institutions approved by the health department of our consular region are acceptable. The report issued by the nucleic acid testing agency shall include information such as the applicant’s name, date of birth and travel document number, nucleic acid sampling method, nucleic acid sampling time and time of issuance of the report. Laboratory testing and sampling cannot be replaced by fast kits. Two nucleic acid tests must be completed by the nucleic acid testing agency in the consular area of our library.

III. Application for health code materials

(I) Basic requirements

1 Negative nucleic acid test report within 2 days before boarding;

2. Negative nucleic acid test report within 1 day before boarding the plane;

3 Ticket reservation records or itinerary;

4 Vaccination certificate;

(2) Foreign personnel are required to provide a valid visa or residence permit for entering China.

(3) People infected in the past need to provide a confirmed report, confirmed recovery report and a 14-day health monitoring form.

(4) Transfers from third countries to Vancouver are required to provide green health codes and full flight itinerary issued by the Chinese embassy or consulate where they originated.

(5) Personnel who transfer from Vancouver to China through a third country to apply for the origin health code need to provide all itinerary to China.

(6) Other materials required by our library through the health code applet.

IV. Policy advice

Our library (the consulate is British Columbia, Yukon) health code consultation telephone number: -236-9846031; case processing email: Please do not call to apply for a health code 3 hours before the flight boarding time.

V. Health code application channels

(1) Chinese citizens (including people with Chinese passports, travel certificates, “homecoming permits” and “Taiwan compatriots certificates”) by searching for “Epidemic Prevention Health Code International Edition” through WeChat or scanning the following QR code, enter the WeChat epidemic prevention health code international version applet, fill in and submit and apply for health code:


(II) Foreigners: Through the QR code page of the Foreigner Health Statement, please click to enter.


All testing done in clinic.
$ 150
  • PCR test
  • Testing done in clinic
  • Results Delivered after 24 Hours

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